Hashtag Printing...What is it? How does it work?

Instagram and other photo social sharing platforms are huge trend in the wedding industry right now.  Many couples are looking for something fun and interactive that their guests can enjoy through out the night.

In the past, couples were stuck choosing Photo booths as their only option for entertaining their guests.  While this can provide a great way for your guests to enjoy the night, we have always found that it takes people away from your dance floor.  That's why we started offering Hashtag Printing.  

Hashtag Printing is our modernized version of a photo booth without the booth.  It works by turning your guests' smart phones into photo booth camera.  



Instant Prints

  • Hashtag Printing can automatically print all photos for this hashtag, or if you wish, guests can select the photos they like and print them out.

  • Social Media Sharing

The photos print instantly and can be picked up at any time throughout the night. This means more time for them to party with you throughout the evening!  Plus, if you have guests that are unable attend, you can share your hashtag with them so they can follow the entire event on social media.

  • Instagram + Twitter hashtags

    Pick a unique hashtag for your event and our HashPrinter will display all photos by anyone with that hashtag.

  • Easy to Use

    Our Hashtag Printer utilizes two the main things your guests are already familiar with: Social Media and their camera phone making it incredibly easy to use.


If this sounds like something you and your guests would enjoy or if you have any additional questions about this or any of our other services click here to Contact Us and let us know!