Vinyl Service

At Amplified Events we are passionate about music being played in its purest form.  There’s nothing quite like listening to your favorite artists perform their hit songs in the way they were meant to be heard... on vinyl. You can almost hear the history of the music in those subtle cracks and pops and the hiss when the needle hits the record.  There's just something undeniably cool about the whole experience. With our Dinner or Cocktail hour on Vinyl service, you can experience these same sounds at your wedding.

Typically, our DJ's will play a customized playlist for your dinner music or cocktail hour completely digitally using MP3's.  With our Cocktail Hour or Dinner on Vinyl Service our DJ’s will bring a vinyl record player and play three of your favorite albums through our sound system.

Leading up to the big day, you’ll have the opportunity to select three to six of your favorite albums that you want played during the cocktail hour and / or dinner portion of your reception. We will purchase these albums and do a little presentation before the Vinyl Service begins about which albums you chose and why you chose them.

This service add on is a great way to personalize the night and make your reception more unique...more like you.