At Amplified Events we pride ourselves on creating the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. Uplighting offers a great way to customize the look and feel of your wedding venue.  Basically, Uplighting is lighting a wall, object or ceiling from the ground up. The results can be dramatic.  As you can see by some our examples below, Uplighting can enhance the color scheme and ambiance of the entire room.  Here are some other great reasons to have Uplighting at your wedding or event:

Uplighting 1.jpg

It's Customizable

The color scheme of each light can be customized to match your wedding colors.  You can pick one solid color or shade or alternate between a few.

Uplighting 3.jpg

It's Easily Arranged

Lights are positioned around the room, dance floor, or even outside to help add warmth, depth, a splash of color through out the entire space.

Uplighting 2.jpg

Provides Ambiance

Sometimes, couples prefer a cooler temperature or look, while others desire a warmer feel.  Uplighting has become the most affordable and impactful way to enhance any wedding space.  Our high powered LED lights will transform your room from standard to stunning.  

Uplighting 5.jpg

Adds a"wow" Factor

Uplighting adds an accent to already beautiful room and will help to create depth and drama with light. 

If Uplighting service sounds like something you're interested in, then go to our Contact Us page and let us know how we can best incorporate it into your next event.